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A few months ago Rome gave us hospitality for an emotional destination wedding. You instantly feel to be in Rome by the infinite numbers of statues and churches through the city. A historic and monumental city smelling in between smog and pizza now but that gave birth to an empire. Still, today is a place of command.
Its funny to see all the urban wardens in the town, the tourists and the little streets consumed by cars wheels and imagine how it was upon a time, full of temples and revolts, and impossible decisions.

This summer Rome hosted a French wedding and also a weekend wedding, as we love it.

We usually always ask to our couples to tell us their stories because we want to get into their life and dive all the emotions and feeling of that day. We are curious, and we are committed to stories. This time was different, and we didn’t know much of Krystel and Fabrice, our couple.
We met them at Casina Valadier on Friday for a rehearsal dinner. Everything was set up perfectly by Lisa of Wanderlust Wedding who was just get married herself one week before! We got introduced to the couple, and we started to observe, walk and get into the flow of the evening. We realized that that two person were connected by a strong and powerful feeling and also related to that city, Rome. As photographers, we like to think to have a sort of fine sensibility, an empty that comes from our nature and sometimes from our life experience.  We are quiet and thoughtful people, and we like it. What we saw was an elegant demonstration of love, emotion, elegant intimacy and proven complicity. And being with them for an entire weekend gave us the proof of this special connection.

This is their story and their love, a smaller selection of pictures that tells how Rome was the center of their marriage and their path. Merci Krystel and merci Fabrice, we learned a lot from you.

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