“You need to travel deep inside yourself to create a good picture.”
- Roger Ballen, Artist

My name is Stefano and I'm an analog/film documentary photographer and darkroom printer from Florence, Italy.


I became a full-time film photographer in 2011 when I founded my Studio (@photosantucci ).


I do not describe myself as a traditional photographer. I neither like following trends.

I aim to look for truth and honest couples with a story to tell.

My approach is documentary: I work behind the scenes without interrupting any moment.

I'm an Italian film wedding photographer because I love photography and genuinely appreciate beauty.

Photography for me is a privilege since art must be a mission.


My work is about telling your authentic story and capturing the excitement, the surprising moments, the moments unplanned, and the moments that perhaps you do not even remember.


I look to giving you photos to make you smile. And cry. And produce every emotion in between.

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I consider photography a privilege and art a mission.


Words and images are my favorite tool of communication.


Please send me a message. It could be an inquiry or just a greeting. I would love to start a conversation.


Stefano Santucci Studio

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