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‘Til Death Do We Party at Villa Di Ulignano

One of the great joys of being wedding photographers is meeting people from all walks of life and with all kinds of wonderful ways of planning and expressing their love and commitment. For some, it’s about elegance and quietude. Beautiful. For others it’s about laughter and the celebration of the wonderful and unpredictable ways of love. Also beautiful!

With Kornelia and Garreth, the destination wedding at the Villa Di Ulignano in Volterra (in the province of Pisa) was the absolute perfect expression of the couple’s individuality, joie de vivre, and, of course, love.

The Villa Di Ulignano is an intriguing and fascinating venue. A property of “double nature”, as we say in Italy. What do we mean by that? That the Villa was built by Jacopo Inghirami (1565 – 1623) Governor of the port town of Livorno and Knight of the Order of St. Stephen, an exclusive naval “club” created by the Medici family under the guise of a religious order. A place to rest, a place to get away, a place to escape to revive and rekindle the creative spirit. And, at the same time, the Villa was also home to a community of farmers who worked the estate’s land, producing wine, olive oil, wheat and vegetables. The double nature creates an enchanting and unique atmosphere.

That may well be the reason that many of Italy’s most famous film geniuses, including director Luchino Visconti, producer Franco Cristaldi and actor Marcelo Mastroianni came to Villa Di Ulignano: to experience La Dolce Vita. In Volterra.

That spirit remains today, and a more perfect setting could not possibly have been found for Kornelia and Garreth. Funny, unconventional, full of life (and fairly well inked, as well), this couple is the embodiment of modern romance. Kornelia and Garreth are exciting and fun, and they laugh and they hug their friends – and each other – and it is clear that every moment of the day presents something to celebrate and embrace.

It was a beautiful day – a bright sky and warm sun, just perfect for their wedding on the grounds of the Villa Di Ulignano. Kornelia and Garreth chose to signpost key areas: a hand-scripted sign for the Ceremony, and another for the dance floor with very important instructions, such as: “Dance floor should be occupied at all times” and, our favorite, “Knee slides are reserved for epic guitar solos only”. With Kornelia and Garreth, there is no doubt there’s a Prince or an Eric Clapton in every guest, including Mum and Dad! High five the epic guitar solos!

Some of our favorite photos from this celebration of great love were the ones taken during the croquet match. Kornelia was masterful with that mallet, and her gorgeous satin tea dress did nothing to curb her bridal enthusiasm for the game!

There is nothing more exciting than being part of a wedding story with so much heart and so much that is personal to the bride and groom. There is no doubt that this gorgeous celebration was a day of celebrating a big-hearted and true love. A love that was shared with family and friends, a love that was celebrated in nature and with magnificent food and wine, a love that merited some serious croquet, and a love that shook it hard on the dance floor. We loved every minute of it!