Luxury wedding in Florence – Villa Gamberaia

Kara + Andrew

She believes it might have been the American flag bikini that started the whole romance. Or maybe the Ray Ban sunglasses. Or even possibly, says Kara, her red lips. It was probably not her corn hole skills, she admits.  

We have our own suspicions, by the way. We’re pretty certain that Andrew fell for Kara right away because of her kindness, her thoughtfulness, her elegance, her smile, her beauty and her wonderful spirit. And you know what else? We’re pretty certain that Kara was stopped in her tracks when she met Andrew because she found the exact same qualities in him. 

Kara says, “It was a sunny 4th of July at Emerald Bay in California when Andrew and I first met. It might have been the bikini…Whatever it was, Andrew admitted that he knew right away he needed to see me again. So, a few weeks passed and then we finally went out on our first date. We went to Scopa Italian Roots in Venice (CA), and talked for four hours. By the end of that dinner we each knew we’d met their soulmates. We had so much in common right from the start, even though we came from very different backgrounds. I’m a California girl gone Texas and Andrew is an Air Force Academy graduate, Division I lacrosse player and flight/rocket enthusiast! 

“We did the bicoastal thing for a few years. I was working with in consulting and Andrew was promoted to Captain in the USAF. Then he started his own company and earned his MBA. Then Andrew accepted an offer at JP Morgan in New York. We continued to ‘commute’. Through it all, we always made each other our top priority. Yes, there’s drive and ambition and lots of accomplishments. But they pale in comparison to the love and support. It was there big-time!”

Kara couldn’t resist telling us the story of the proposal. “Andrew arranged a surprise dinner at the Montage in Beverly Hills. We were seated on a private terrace overlooking Beverly Hills and a path of long stemmed roses led to a grand flower display in the shape of a heart. It spelled out, ‘Will You Marry Me’? Andrew dropped to his knee and ask for me to be his wife. My answer was Yes. Of course!” 

The story captures the romanticism and the spirit of these two lovely people. And so does their choice of Florence as the city for their wedding. During their three years together, Kara and Andrew did a great deal of traveling. Not just the bi-coastal commute, but Mexico, Portugal, Turks & Caicos, Italy. When it came time for Kara and Andrew to choose a destination, Florence was the obvious choice! The culture, the art, the elegance, the beauty, the light and, of course, the amazing food and magnificent local wine. Kara and Andrew couldn’t wait to share it all with those they love the most: their family and their friends. 

The wedding was unique in its beauty and its elegance. Truly the stuff of dreams. The deep green of the Italianate gardens, the magnificent lace of Kara’s designer gown, the handsome groomsmen, the stunning bridesmaids, and the perfect loveliness of the Villa Gamberaia. The Tuscan hills. As Kara made her way up the aisle, escorted by her ruggedly handsome father, and then stood with Andrew to take their vows, framed by the ancient villa walls and shared with smiling, loving friends and family, we knew we were in one of life’s most exquisite moments. 

Oh, what a joy it was working with Kara and Andrew and being a part of their magnificent destination wedding at the Villa Gamberaia in Florence, a stunning destination we know well.

Love, romance, elegance, attention to detail, and, again, most of all love. Kara and Andrew were amazing clients and we not only loved being part of their story but spending time with them and remembering that, yes, in the end, it is Love that triumphs and Love that carries the day.

Luxury wedding in Florence Villa Gamberaia Tuscany Italy

The night went great, dances, parties, so much fund and love.
We love this moment when everyone finally lets himself go dancing late into the night and having fun.

The next morning we woke up really early, at 6am. Kara and Andrew idea was brilliant: they just wanted to finish our photo service in Florence, getting lost in the city street without any tourist. Here our romantic post wedding photoshoot in Firenze:

post wedding photoshoot in Florence

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