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Intimate Destination Wedding in Terre di Nano, Tuscany

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but I imagine it huge, and green, and a bit damp. Last summer I met two people who were from there, one was Chris, and the other was Liz. They love each other since 2007, and they met during their university years at law school. They decided to have an intimate destination wedding in Tuscany, especially in the Terre di Nano Farmhouse, close to Pienza and Siena, because when they saw that place, they felt a real connection with it. This little land of Tuscany is wild and beautiful. Sunlight dominates every gentle hill and from there you can have an incredible view on all the surrounding.

If you love nature, she will give you love. If you love people around you, they will give their love for you.

Liz told me he had made courageous choices and that she wanted to focus her life around what she believed to be more important than anything else: her family and her wellbeing.
I shared a beer with Chris, and we talked about how perfect the beauty of things is. We do not notice it often, but every detail has been refined and made better in times. This feeling is part of New Zeland community.
I was lucky to have met them both, to be chosen as their destination wedding photographer and to have lived with them an incredible day full of intimate moments, whispered words, loving looks, laughs and dances. I’ve learned so much, as always. And what I will not forget will be the moments passed with them both to look at the light of Tuscan change, the sensation that summer still has so many colors to offer and that all revolves around the love you have for others.

Being a destination wedding photographer in Tuscany means been lucky enough to meet people that decide to invest on Italy, on it’s beauty, on it’s art, food, and culture. You have the possibility to see many different beautiful places, everyone with a different story, built because a different reason. There are castles, or big villas, sometimes a small village, or an abandoned farm. You have the fortune to picturing people with different lights, listening their stories and focusing on their emotions to let them have timeless pictures. What is important for me is to looking for the unique and single story of the couple and being guided by that. Tuscany has a huge background of nature, it’s one of the most important wedding destination place in the world but this is not enough if you want to picture your couple as they are. Stories are as much important. Listening their words, listening their needs and listening what that day want to communicate with you. Then being guided, following the mood and being gently guided by your sensibility.