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A destination wedding in Sicily will truly be something extraordinary. Something unique. As unique as the bride and groom who choose this incredible destination. Because Sicily – Sicilia (see-CHEEL-ee-uh) – is something indescribably special.

Indescribably special, yes. But let’s try and describe Sicily…

Some of the greatest writers and wordsmiths were born in Sicily and have written loving tributes to the island of their birth: Writers like Pirandello, Lampedusa, Vittorini, Sciasia, just to name a few. Their descriptions are wonderful, of course. And we considered quoting them. But then we remembered a special letter from a dear friend, writing about what it means to arrive in Sicily and to truly experience it, and we will share that, instead, because it’s too perfect.

 “You live for several months away from your land, discovering magnificent places. In your mind, you construct endless theories of what might really be home when you belong to the whole world … But then it happens. You are flying in to flying to Catania – to Sicily — and from the airplane window you see Mt. Etna perhaps, and everything stops, everything is canceled. You hold your breath as you stare down and marvel. Everything is so beautiful. My reaction to my Sicily is emotional; it is something is inside, more essential even than DNA. I can only look at the magnificent and feel the emotions course through my veins. And then remember how very much I love this small piece of land.”

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sicily taormina catania saline eolie wedding destination photographer photo photography bride groom ceremony

sicily taormina catania saline eolie wedding destination photographer photo photography bride groom ceremony

As a wedding destination, Sicily offers everything: from weddings in baroque churches, to breathtaking ocean panoramas, from sites dating back to the ancients, to farmhouses and olive groves, from vineyards to beaches. The gorgeous weather, the incredible hospitality, the extraordinary food, the fragrance of orange blossoms in the air. The art. Even the beautiful desserts – the fruits made of marzipan and sweet with the smell of almonds and sugar, the cannoli, the cakes, the creams — add to the splendor that is Sicily. Some of our favorite places are Favignana, the Aeolian Islands, Salina, and Pantelleria. And there are many more. Special little secret places, perfect for your most special day.

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Lucrezia, my studio partner, and I specialize in destination wedding photography. As native Italians, we are especially proud to work in beloved Italy. We both love what we do and we are lucky to travel throughout Europe and also to Africa and Australia. Whichever destination you choose and in whichever country, Lucrezia and I will create unique images that capture the beauty and the authenticity of your day.

A few words about how we work and how we would plan to approach your destination wedding. Our work is far more organic and natural. We are not the photographers you hire to do 20 photos of the bridal party, six shots of the bride’s family and an equal number of the groom’s side. That’s simply not us. We are storytellers, and our goal is to get those moments of romance, delight, joy and even the bittersweet moments of perhaps remembering those who couldn’t be there for a couple in love. Our goal is to give you photos that will make you smile and cry just a bit, too – possibly at the very same time – and capture things you might not even remember but delight in seeing.

We believe our job is to capture and create memories.

We are a small, exclusive studio, and we are limited in the number of clients we are able to take on. We would love to hear from you.

Contact us today and follow us on instagram, we hope to be part of your special day.


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