Stylish and Elegant Destination Wedding in Castello di Celsa on film

Set within the enchanting medieval city of Siena, Italy, Natalia and Diego exchanged their wedding vows in the time-honored Church of Santa Maria dei Servi. This Romanesque architectural gem, delicately styled with subtle grace, was beautifully adorned with ethereal cloud-like gypsophila floral installations, artfully assembled by the esteemed florist Tearose. These exquisite floral accents enhanced the charm of the ancient church, adorning both the entrance and the sacred altar, setting the stage for an unforgettable ceremony.

Once the ceremony concluded, the celebration swiftly moved to a nearby 16th-century Castello di Celsa, encapsulated by vine-covered stone walls that bear the marks of time. Here, the couple’s cocktail reception unfolded amidst the castle’s rustic charm. As the sun began to set, casting a golden glow over the Tuscan countryside, a live band struck up a melody in the grand garden, filling the air with joy and merriment.

The reception was a spectacle of elegance under the starlit sky. Decadent tablescapes were meticulously arranged, showcasing dusky colored florals that echoed the natural beauty of Tuscany. Vibrant plates and glass-encased white candles added a touch of sophistication, and string lights intertwined with the moonlight, casting a magical glow over the entire setting.

Natalia and Diego had always envisioned a destination wedding in Castello di Celsa. Each hailing from different countries, they were drawn to the idea of celebrating their love in a place that was equally meaningful to both of them. They chose Tuscany in Italy, a country renowned for its effortless beauty in every corner. Their wedding day started with a beautiful church ceremony in Siena, a town that boasts of a rich history and irresistible medieval charm. The church, adorned with intricate architecture and centuries-old art, exuded an air of elegance and reverence, making it the perfect backdrop for their special day.

As the church bells rang, signifying the end of the ceremony, the celebration moved to the breathtaking Tuscan Castello di Celsa. Perched atop a hill, the majestic castle offered panoramic views of the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside. The castle, surrounded by lush vineyards, verdant olive groves, and towering cypress trees, presented an idyllic setting for the cocktail and reception. It was a day of joyous celebration, love, and unity, set against the stunning landscape of Italy.

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