Intimate Celebration at La Pescaia Resort after 5 years

In 2016, a young Swiss couple, Fabio and Fabienne, chose to marry in Italy and invited us to be their official wedding photographers in Monforte d’Alba Piemonte. Their wedding was one of those experiences that we, as photographers, fell in love with – a blend of people, places, love, hospitality, and special moments.

Five years later, Fabio’s sister, Patrizia, reached out to us, reminding us of the magic of those moments. Since then, their lives have evolved significantly. Fabio and Fabienne had twins, Patrizia got engaged to Robert and they had a beautiful baby, with a second on the way. Amidst the joy, there were also challenges – the COVID-19 pandemic, postponing their wedding, and other personal hardships.

Fast forward to the summer of 2021, we had the pleasure of reuniting with everyone at La Pescaia Resort. It felt as though an invisible cord of unforgettable memories connected us all – familiar faces, gestures, and kind words. You could see it in a smile, a longing for a hug, or a hand on a shoulder asking how you’ve been after all these years.

That summer, we were privileged to photograph this beautiful couple, their unity, and their strong emotions in front of their entire family. Photography captures memories, and memories are made of people. We are honored to have been invited back to this wonderful family, and we are forever grateful for the opportunity they have given us.

Special thanks to Guido, for all his wise and kind words and the heartfelt speeches we shared. I cherish every single intention.

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