Intimate Celebration at La Pescaia Resort after 5 years

It was 2016 when a young couple from Switzerland, Fabio and Fabienne, decided to get married in Italy and to invite us as official photographers to their wedding in Monforte d’Alba Piemonte.

It often happens in our work to fall in love with some situations made up of people, places, love, welcomes, special moments. Their marriage left something special in us.

After 5 years, during a quiet morning, Fabio’s sister, Patrizia, wrote to us and reminded us of the magic of those moments. In the meantime, many things have happened in their lives: Fabio and Fabienne had two beautiful twins, Patrizia got engaged to Robert and they had a wonderful baby, a second is waiting, then the desire to get married, the Covid-19, the restrictions, the difficult decisions to postpone the event, and many other sad personal events. Until today.

In the summer of 2021, at the La Pescaia Resort, after a long time, we were able to meet everyone again. It is as if there was an invisible cord of never forgotten feelings made up of faces, gestures, wise words. You can see it from a smile, from the desire for a hug, from a hand placed on the shoulder to wonder how you are, how you are always the same after so many years.

People often recognize each other.

That summer, together, we photographed this beautiful couple, their union, their strong feelings, in front of the whole family.

Photography is a memory. And memories are made of people.

We are honored to have been able to be invited again to this beautiful family, and we will never stop thanking the opportunity they have given us.

Special thanks to Guido, to all the wise and kind words he dedicated to us, to the short but intense speeches made together.
I carefully guard every single intention.

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