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EticaMentor is a Bespoke Consulting Agency operating Worldwide.



What is EticaMentor?


EticaMentor is a combination between words 'Ethic' and 'Mentoring'.

It is an image consulting agency founded with the main purpose of helping people and companies achieve a better image. The agency carries out luxury image consulting and advising.


The agency offers advice, artistic directions, marketing strategies, set-ups (shop windows or sets for photoshoots), image consultancy (for people, models or brands), analysis of business problems, suggesting techniques of success, comparison, and proactive change. It is a sort of business architect focused on brand image.


It is a Problem Solving Agency able to Consult and Provide Improvements on many levels.



What Does EticaMentor Do?


Simply put, EticaMentor offers styling advice, image consulting for both brands and individuals, and sartorial assistance. These services are thanks to the experience in the fashion industry and connections in the sartorial world.


Among these services sits the wedding industry. While it is not the agency’s main focus, EticaMentor does offer wedding services. These include groom styling, consulting, design, and sartorial assistance.



Florence & Fashion


Florence is one of the centres of the fashion world, with thousands of beautiful fabrics being produced within the city limits every day. The city thrives on fashion and the individuals that live there benefit from a style lineage that few can rival.


EticaMentor does not just do individual styling, the company also offers editorial styling for magazines, associated brands, wedding photographers, advertising companies and marketing agencies.






Following the foundation of EticaMentor, Stefano Santucci, as local expert, can offer

services specifically designed for Gentlemen and Gentlewomen.


EticaMentor can proudly provide:



- Groom Styling


- Advising


- Image and Design Consulting


- Bespoke and Sartorial Assistance



to all Classy Couples requiring a Sophisticated Look for their Wedding Day

or Events.



Please follow @eticamentor for more details and write to [email protected].

We would be honored to be at your service.


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