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“It is the highest calling for an artist, as well as the greatest possible privilege to capture a moment, to find the zeitgeist, to expose our struggles, our aspirations, our desires. To embrace and define a period of time. That is my definition of an artist.”

Michael Stipe, Inducting Nirvana into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

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“You need to travel deep inside yourself to create a good picture.” Roger Ballen, Artist

Artistry and emotional connection sit at the core of our work.
Because there is a difference between taking wedding photographs and creating an artistic, visual narrative of the most important day of your life. The difference, we believe, lies in defying conventions and breaking some rules to create true art.

We are wedding photographers because we love photography and we have a genuine appreciation for beauty.

We consider ourselves artists and curators. We choose the pieces, we create the exhibit. We ask for your confidence and also for artistic control. We talk with you and we come to understand what is most important to you, and then we go to work.

We are quiet and calm, sensitive and introspective, discreet, looking for the details – often unnoticed by others – and the small moments and gestures that will ultimately capture the uniqueness of your day and your stories.

What we are not is boisterous social organizers, shepherding guests into large group “shots”.

Our commitment to you is that we will always look for authentic, natural and beautiful moments, and that we will do everything we can to make you happy and comfortable.

We are based in Florence, Italy. We travel worldwide.

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