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 In our work together, we’ll defy conventions and we’ll break lots of photography rules.
We are wedding destination photographers because we love photography and we have respect for beauty.
That’s our philosophy.
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  We are curators and we believe in details, honesty, courage. We always try to push us towards different points of view to give you memories that reflect your and our personality and that will inspire you for every day to come. We are very discreet and approachable and we believe that photographers should stay in this way: calm, thoughtful, sensitive.
For us every single aspect of your wedding day is very important, for this reason we always keep in constant contact to share ideas or the best planning to let you have an amazing product, something that could reflect who you really are. 

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Our most important aim is always looking for authentic, natural and beautiful moments. We will always try to interpret your big day with a personal vision and we will do everything to make you always feel comfortable. We love smile and makes you happy!
We are based in Florence, Italy but we serve all Europe.  
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