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Olga + Tristan Wedding Destination in Asti

Olga and Tristan got married in Asti, Italy few days ago, on August 30th. Olga is a Russian young girl who met Tristan 5 years ago in Moscow, Russia, where he was living for business reasons. He’s from a southern English town and travelled in many countries for his job. They chose Italy for their wedding because they fell deeply in love with our country when they lived in Switzerland and spent the weekends crossing the border and coming in Italy. In the lovely region of Asti, they found, among the vineyards where grapes are harvested to bottle aromatic Italian wines, the perfect location for their big day. The couple reserved a former convent, that now is a relaxing spa resort for three days to gather together both families and friends from Russia and England. We’ve been very lucky to attend these three fabulous days filled with surprises and very touching moments! The first surprise was prepared by the couple for their guests, and it was a Great Gatsby themed night! The dj was very talented to create the perfect mood for the night! The second surprise were the bachelor and bachelorette parties prepared by the couple’s best friends! Bachelor party was a very manly party, full of laughs and beer in the pool area, while women were in the spa to celebrate the bachelorette party with wine and funny jokes for the bride! Here Olga told to the girls the story about Tristan’s romantic proposal in South Africa! And here we come with the big day! A truly romantic ceremony, officiated by two friends, took place in the resort’s garden, there Olga and Tristan said their vows in English and Russian in front of their loved ones. The celebrations continued on the terrace, where there were some traditional Russian dances. But our favorite part was the toast, where funny moments remembered by one of the best men, were mixed with a truly moving speech by the groom’s brother and a very romantic love song that Tristan dedicated to his beautiful bride. The party ended with a memorable and exciting atmosphere created by a live music band which played the couple’s favorite songs late into the night!


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 .. And the day before: The Great Gatsby Party!


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Venue: Relais Sant’Ufficio, Asti
Wedding Planner: Chiara Viarisio
Wedding Dress: Pronovias
Suit: P. Johnson Tailors
Invitations & wedding Stationery: VanillaRetro
Videographer: Matteo Castelluccia
Makeup and hair: Oriana Curti
Florist: Il Profumo dei Fiori
Dances: Accademia Nazionale di Danza
Photography: Stefano Santucci Studio (