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Books & Prints!


Our studio is small by design.
We own a small print lab that we are very proud of, and we personally oversee every piece of work the Studio sends out into the world.

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Our Books and Album have simple and clean lines and all of our suppliers are eco-friendly certify. 
We really want to reduce our impact on the environment and have chosen our products with this idea in mind.

We are proud to be square. The shape of perfection. 
And we are proud to use fine art certify paper and printing method only. 

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Please visit this article for more pictures.



A Book is a product where images are printed directly on to the page.
Ordering a Book is simple: just select 30-40 images from your private wedding gallery, and we will compose your layout. Images are printed directly on to the page, and each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your photographic art can be displayed across two pages.
We like clean and simple designs and we will work faithful to this concept.

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