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Benedetta + Marco Wedding in Tuscany

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Benedetta and Marco make an Italian couple, she was born in Tuscany and Marco comes from Rome. They now are living in Turin for business reasons and decided to get married in their parents’ picturesque villa in the province of Pistoia, Tuscany.
Montevettolini Church was a typical Tuscan parish in the center of an ancient town in the countryside.
Both locations were embellished by the fragrance and beauty of floral arrangements designed by La Rosa Canina from Florence.
At the end of the celebrations the stunning fireworks organized by Benedetta’a mother surprised the groom and the bride.

Church: Montevettolini Church
Bride Dress: Celestina Agostino, Atelier del Brusco
Bride Shoes: N.21
Groom Suit: Sartoria Partenopea
Groom ShoesChurch’s
Make Up and Hair Style: Giulia Cresci
Floreal Design: La Rosa Canina
Music: Four on Six +  Siberia
DJ: Alma Project
Styling and InvitationsNuovaedart
Catering: Salza
PhotographyStefano Santucci Studio (
Videography: Elena Foresto